This video is going to blow you away. If you regularly commute in the dark or have to ride your bike at night, how safe do you think you are?

I really think these lights (that are still prototypes) could revolutionise the way lights work on our bike.

I hope you agree with me, This video is from which is a website that gets inventors and entrepreneurs to come together.




  1. Hey i have a doubt.I have to change the headlamp of my bike as it just gives me few meters of visibility.I am confused regarding what type of light should i fix : Halogen or White Light?? And whether white light and xenon are the same thing?

  2. Nullality Photography says:

    Saw this on kickstarter and it blew my mind. Waaayy better than SpokePOV!

  3. qatzelok says:

    While the concept looks cool, I wonder if the marketing team have worked out the standard bugs with bike lighting: cheap, plastic components that run out of battery power very quickly and often don’t provide much in the way of way-finding.

  4. elizabeth says:

    That’d be awesome to have something like that on bikes. I was a bit disappointed in that they didn’t show the bike from directly behind.

  5. Interesting lighting concept. Thanks for showing this. Stef

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  8. These are awesome! I do tons of night riding. How can I get these?

  9. Lovit! I have been ‘almost’ creamed too many times. I love to ride, but out here in the country I have become afraid to.

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